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Wastewater treatment system one2clean one-tank system ped. loading

Wastewater tank Carat RS one2clean

Wastewater tank Carat RS one2clean
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing for maximum stability
  • Suitable for vehicle loading in conjunction with telescopic vehicle dome shaft
  • 100% watertight and corrosion-resistant
  • Can be installed in groundwater
  • 10 years warranty

System Control one2clean

System Control one2clean
  • The one2clean has a compact controller
  • The microprocessor control system ensures simple operation and maintenance
  • Ultra-quiet thanks to silent diaphragm compressor
  • Automatic power failure detection
  • Minimal operating costs
  • 2 years warranty

Set-up kit one2clean

Set-up kit one2clean
  • Conventional wastewater treatment systems require up to three pumping processes. one2clean only requires one pumping process, which saves energy and extends the lifetime of the air compressor – the core part of the system.
  • Rugged clear water lifter manufactured in one seamless piece. No connectors or screws necessary.
  • Simple maintenance via an integrated, self-cleaning sampling container.
  • Efficiency factor of up to 99 %
  • 2 years warranty

As much technology as necessary, as little technology as possible.

A reliable wastewater disposal system no longer needs to be complicated. With one2clean, you will be able to take responsibility for the timely disposal of your waste water, while taking care of your budget and the environment.


one2clean dispenses with the unnecessary extras, making it a reliable solution:

  • Only one tank with only one chamber required 
  • Less energy consumption and less wear
  • No mechanical elements in the waste water
  • No pumps in the waste water
  • No electrical components in the waste water
  • Incredibly little sewage sludge
  • 2 years warranty on technology
  • 10 years warranty on sewage reservoirs

one2clean is a clean solution

  • one2clean only needs 3 steps to produce clear water
  • one2clean is odourless
  • one2clean already meets the needs of tomorrow

one2clean is excellent value for money

  • Incredibly little sewage sludge
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Minumum power consumption

one2clean offers maximum safety and reliability

  • Low space requirements
  • Long warranty and lifetime
  • Twice the buffer volume
  • Logistical advantages


1-3 Inh., 450 l/d

order no.max. inhabitants Volume (l)Length (mm)Height (mm)add to enquiry
on request1-32.7002.0801.690
Width (mm)Weight (kg)

4-5 Inh., 750 l/d

order no.max. inhabitants Volume (l)Length (mm)Height (mm)add to enquiry
on request4-53.7502.2801.880
Width (mm)Weight (kg)

6-7 Inh., 1,050 l/d

order no.max. inhabitants Volume (l)Length (mm)Height (mm)add to enquiry
on request6-74.8002.2802.110
Width (mm)Weight (kg)

8-9 Inh., 1,350 l/d

order no.max. inhabitants Volume (l)Length (mm)Height (mm)add to enquiry
on request8-96.5002.3902.390
Width (mm)Weight (kg)


External Plastic cabinet S

one2clean: 1 – 18 Inh.



The Carbonator was especially designed to keep wastewater treatment systems with seasonal inflow stable and working correctly.


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