Moving bed wastewater treatment system: Simple and cost-effective up to 200 inhabitants

With the development of the Moving Bed system, a GRAF treatment system is now available which has simple technology and, at the same time, offers high cleaning performance. The system‘s technology comprises just one air compressor, a compressor guard, power failure recognition, a pipe ventilator, sludge removal and the carrier material. The system works completely without electronic control, pumps and magnetic valves. A further advantage of the Moving Bed system is that the high cleaning performance is also maintained with strong underfill.

  • System conformity: ATV A-122
  • Purifying technology: fully biological Moving bed technology
  • XXL systems available up to: 200 inhabitants | 30,0000 l/d
  • Maintenance interval: 2 – 4 per year
  • Warranty for underground tank: 10 years
  • Warranty for purifying technology: 2 years
  • Warranty for carrier material: 10 years

Standard equipment: Control power failure recognition, Temperature sensor to protect against overheating, Logbook function, Operation 14 keys

Available as options: External control cabinet for installing control unit outdoors



Inh.max. daily flow [l/d]Volume [l]Set consisting of:order no.add to enquiry
203000129002x3750 l, 2x2700 lon request
284200171002x4800 l, 2x3750 lon request
365400205002x6500 l, 2x3750 lon request
446600205002x6500 l, 2x3750 lon request
507500240005x4800 lon request
7010500274003x4800 l, 2x6500 lon request
9013500435003x6500 l, 5x4800 lon request
12018000585009x6500 lon request
14021000585009x6500 lon request
160240007150011x6500 lon request
200300007800012x6500 lon request

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