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Septic tank three chambers

partial biological

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Septic tank three chambers

Septic tanks with partial biological processes are used to extract floating and removable substances. Due to the sizing of 1,500 l per inhabitant, the wastewater passes through the system in approx. 10 days. This allows the microorganisms that have emerged in the sludge to effect partial breakdown of the organic waste, in addition to pure mechanical purification (partial biological purification). These septic tanks require 1,500 l per inhabitant and must comprise at least 3 chambers.

  • Low weight: can also be installed in difficult local conditions without a crane
  • Reasonable purchase and installation costs. Compare!
  • Low maintenance: maintenance or cleaning work can be performed through the shafts
  • Tanks can be used as rainwater harvesting systems after thorough cleaning

4-26 Inh., 6,700 l

order no.Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)add to enquiry
On request245028002010150
Register number according to DIN 4261/1Total volume (l)
2V2926700: 2x3350

5-32 Inh., 8,150 l

order no.Register number according to DIN 4261/1Total volume (l)add to enquiry
On request2V2928150: 4800/3350

6-38 Inh., 9,600 l

order no.Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Total volume (l)add to enquiry
On request2280397021109600: 2x4800

8-52 Inh., 13,000 l

order no.Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Total volume (l)add to enquiry
On request23904380239013000: 2x6500

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