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Unbeatable range: Different wastewater collection tanks with building authorities' approval

Wastewater collection tanks are the ideal solution for properties not linked to the sewer system which produce little or irregular amounts of wastewater. We provide these tanks in volumes of 1,000 l to 52,000 l. They are ideal for small gardens or weekend homes or as a temporary solution before being connected to the sewer system. GRAF collection tanks are easy to install due to their light inherent weight. Everything comes with DIBt approval.

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Low net weight, expandable

Cesspool Carat RS underground tank

Carat XL underground tank 8,500 l and 10,000 l

Cesspool Carat XL

Carat XXL underground tank from 16,000 l to 52,000 l

Carat XXL underground tank

Cesspool Platin

For difficult installation situations, e.g. in groundwater and stratum water.

Cesspool Saphir

Cesspools Saphir are ideal for small gardens or weekend homes

Cesspool 1,000 l

In accordance with the DIBt-certificate for domestic wastewater Z-40.24-346

Herkules Septic tank / cesspool

For overground and underground installation

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