Drainage cell for collecting, infiltrate and direct rainwater

The increasing sealing of building areas such as parking lots for supermarkets are problematic especially in heavy rain events. Usage of permeable surfaces like paving stones with wide joints or grass pavers are important to prevent flooding.

With the help of these permeable surfaces the accumulating rainwater is quickly drained into the ground. In the layers beneath, it must either be infiltrated quickly or be temporarily stored. The combination of XTop and XFlow is optimized for the surface and interlayer drainage.

The good permeability of XTop with a max. open surface of 90 % ensures a fast drainage of the surface.

The water is then transported to the underground where the XFlow shows its strengths. XFlow significantly improves the infiltration performance thanks to its wide effective area and the good hydraulic connectivity. In addition, the high storage coefficient compared to typical installations with gravel/ crushed stone improves the characteristic for the temporary storage of rainwater in the operational area.

Fields of application: 

  • Carparks/traffic areas
  • Outdoor storage areas
  • Planted areas/tree tubs
  • Park/Green areas
  • Retaining walls/Building structure
  • Sports areas

Flexible and fast installation
XFlow 50-L and XFlow 50-S can be combined to optimal effect, even in unusual geometries. The interaction between these two sizes serves to minimise cut waste and shorten assembly times to the same extent.

Improved handling
Fastest assembly – easy onsite handling. XFlow drainage cell features a convenient plugin system for huge time savings in installation. The various cells can be assembled in any direction.

Maximised stability
XFlow drainage cell is made of high performance GRAF compounds. Just the one installation of small thickness between traversable surface and XFlow is enough to safeguard the strength and stability of the drainage cell over decades.

Hydraulic performance
XFlow provides free 3D-hydraulic flows. For infiltration applications water flows directly into the ground. Also other applications are supported by this design e. g. collecting and directing rainwater.


Length [mm]Width [mm]Height [mm]Weight [kg]order no.add to enquiry
XFlow 50-S560 (22")280 (11")52 (2")1,2495001
XFlow 50-L1120 (44")560 (22")52 (2")4,3495000

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