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References for Infiltration

We are the European leaders in rainwater management and have presence in over 70 countries around the world. Graf infiltration technology is certified and recognized internationally. We have executed a wide range of projects which ranging from offices, sport infrastructure, and residential developments, amongst others. The implementation of Graf solutions in public infrastructure projects within Europe attests our experience in rainwater management solutions.

Olympic Park Madrid

3 EcoBloc light Infiltration tanks of 200 m³, 100 m³ and 55 m³ each

Factory Building Sandrigo

Infiltration with EcoBloc Flex, Vario 800 shafts

House Development Bétera

Infiltration with EcoBloc Light, Vario 800 flex

Highway SS16 Molfetta

Infiltration with EcoBloc Light, EcoBloc Inspect flex

Apartments Eidsberg

Retention with EcoBloc Inspect flex

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