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Light fluid separator Saphir class II

KLsepa.compact class II fuel separator

Separator systems for light fluid liquids class I + II
Separators are needed wherever water is contaminated with oils and other light liquids. Separator systems are classified according to NS (nominal size). When you submit an enquiry for a separator system, we calculate the NS you require based on the EN 858 part 2. Operators of the following facilities must ensure that a suitable, functioning separator is installed: Car washes, workshops, fuel stations, vehicle fleets, hazardous goods stores


Coalescence separator and fuel separator
The KLsepa.compact+ separator systems are coalescence separators of class I. They feature an additional coalescence unit that enables a much higher degree of separation. The KLsepa. compact separator systems are fuel separators of class II. A fuel separator achieves a degree of separation of less than 100 mg residual oil per litre of water. With a coalescence unit, this can be reduced to less than 5 mg/l.

NS 3

order no.NS (l/s)Ø max. (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)add to enquiry
Sludge (l)Volume (l)


order no.NS (l/s)Ø max. (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)add to enquiry
Volume (l)Sludge (l)

NS 3

order no.NS (l/s)Ø max. (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)add to enquiry
Volume (l)Sludge (l)

NS 6

order no.NS (l/s)Ø max. (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)add to enquiry
Volume (l)Sludge (l)

Technical details

max. earth covering (mm) (without groundwater, vehicle loading)max. axle load (t)max. vehicle weight (t)
Earth covering with loading capacity (mm)Groundwater stabilityEarth covering with groundwater installation (mm)
700 - 1200600 l, 900 l max. 430 mm; 1200 l max. 550 mm700 - 1200


Internal sampling point connection


Extention incl. NBR sealing


Telescopic dome shaft for concrete cover incl. NBR sealing


Concrete cover EN 124 class D - up to 40 to


Concrete cover EN 124 class B - up to 12,5 to


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