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Rainwater Retention with EcoBloc Inspect

Retention capacities can be realised with both moulded tanks and storage modules welded in a waterproof plastic liner.

Setup as a Tank
The storage modules have a non-woven 300g sheet of geotextile (or similar) laid over the top of the tanks. They are then wrapped completely in a 1mm LLDPE plastic liner, and then finally in a non-woven 300g geotextile. This setup is referred to as a complete tank.

Setup as a Tray
A simpler example of a tank setup with storage modules is based on the tray principle with an open cover.

Retention setup on site

The length, width, and height of the retention tank can be adapted to the local infrastructure.

Vario 800 flex shaft system

Vario 800 – The new shaft system of GRAF - as flexible as your EcoBloc

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