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You need rainwater retention? We have the solution!

Retention systems, i.e. rainwater retention is playing an increasingly more important role in the reduction of hydraulic peaks and thus helps relieve strain on the public sewer network, particularly in new construction areas. GRAF can offer you a range of solutions here!

Detention cisterns

Here you will find GRAF detention cisterns for retaining rainwater and relieving the strain on the public sewer network.

Planning, sizing and designing retention systems with EcoBloc storage modules

Planning and sizing

GRAF retention cistern combine rainwater retention and rainwater harvesting.

Retention cisterns

Retention with storage modules welded into waterproof plastic liner.

Retention with Storage Modules

Vortex flow control shaft

The dynamic flow control regulates volume flows of up to 65 l/s.

Choke drain shaft, suitable for pedestrian loading/vehicle loading

Ensures controlled rainwater draining to the channel when the infiltration system is overloaded.


For different sized surfaces and different installation situations you will find suitable, high-performance filter solutions.

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