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Choose your tank from over 70 shapes, colours and sizes

Natura 2in1 water tank

Modern design in natural pastel color shades

Wall tank with realistic stone look

Rocky Junior wall tank

Stone-look rainwater tank

Muro rainwater tank

Rainwater tank with exquisite design and unique surface structure

Linus 2in1 rainwater tank

Designer rainwater vessel: GRAF rainwater tank

Looking for a modern or rustic design? Wanting a free-standing rainwater tank or a wall-mounted variant? You'll find a solution to enhance your exterior no matter what your type of house or garden design. Thanks to their integrated plant pot, many of the tanks can also be individually planted up.

Stone 2in1 water tank silver

In high-quality natural stone look

Color 2in1 water tank apple

Modern design in trendy colors

Antique amphora terracotta

Decorative rainwater collector with integrated plant cup for use in a mediterranean garden

Rocky wall tank dark granite

Decorative rainwater collector in lifelike stone look

Woody wall tank darkwood

Rainwater collector with a wooden finish

Terranova wall tank

Plain and decorative rainwater collector in plaster look

Rainwater amphora terracotta

The rainwater amphora. Stylish and attractive rainwater collectors.

Column tank sand beige

The elegant overground alternative

Elegance wall tank stone grey

The new design – modern and elegant

Sunda wall tank mocca

Modern wicker finish, in line with the trend

Wall tank sand beige

Stylish rainwater collector

2in1 water tank with plant cup zink grey

Modern dual-function unit

Barrica rain water barrel

In natural wooden look

Column wall tank stone grey

The elegant overground alternative, Stylish and space-saving

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