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Wall tank Classico

Large volume in a small space

Large storage capacity at an attractive price

Top tank

Tank for overground collection of rainwater. Available in sizes 2,000 to 9,000 l.

Collection tank upright

Tank to collect rainwater for overground installation in the cellar.

Cellar tank

Large-volume rainwater tanks: GRAF rainwater tanks

Our rainwater tanks hold a lot of water and offer excellent value for money. Tanks like the Classico can be combined to harvest up to 2600 l. Others, like Herkules or the Top-Tank, permit simple transport and can be installed by hand.


Multi-purpose – above-ground underground and basement. The Herkules tank with the incomparable price-performance ratio. Groundwater-stable!

Garden tank

The garden tank. The space saver for rainwater collection.

Collection tank horizontal

Tank for overground rainwater collection.

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