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Carat S underground tank

The new tank generation for rain-water harvesting. Easy to transport due to low weight and encircling H profile.

The Carat XL rainwater underground tank has been specially developed for rainwater harvesting. It is available in sizes 8,500 and 10,000 l.

Carat XL underground tank

Carat XXL: Flexibility and stability perfectly combined. 15-year warranty.

Carat XXL underground tank

From 2,700 to 120,000 l: Carat rainwater tank

The professional Carat tank series lays the foundations for a long-lasting rainwater harvesting system. The tank dome can be rotated 360°, allowing the tank to be be easily aligned to the connection pipes and connected up. Intelligent filter components ensure the best water quality. The telescopic and inclinable dome shafts terminate flush with the soil level.

Carat S Package Garden Comfort

Get water from a plug like electricity

Carat S package garden Jet

Great value complete solution! With Garden Jet pump package

Carat S package ECO-Plus

Carat underground tank package ECO-Plus. The budget-priced solution!

Carat S package Professional

Microprocessor control system

Carat S package Silentio Press

Ideal for distances ≥ 15 m (49.2 ft.) to the house

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