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Platin flat tank

Brand-name quality from GRAF. The Platin flat rainwater tank features unique stability. This rainwater tank comes with a 15-year warranty.

The Platin flat tank is sure to impress professional and non-professional fitters alike. Users will be impressed by the tank’s high level of stability and professional, integrated filter technology.

Graf's version of the flat tank

The Platin flat tank is extremely easy to install. The completely flat pit and low tank weight make installation child’s play.

Why the Platin tank is easy to install

Less excavation! Less work! Less cost!

The flat design of the Platin rainwater tank makes it particularly cheap to install. A 1,500 l tank can be easily installed underground with minimum effort and digging. Professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike are impressed with its good stability and professional, integrated filter technology. The package is rounded off by intelligent filter components and the telescopic and inclinable dome shafts which terminate flush with the soil level.

Platin package garden Jet

The low-cost complete solution

Platin package Garden Comfort

Draw water from the tap like electricity from the socket.

Platin package house ECO-Plus

The classic with proven feed technology.

Platin package house Professional

The ideal complete solution for the home and garden

Platin package house Silentio Press

Ideal for installations ≥ 15 m (49.2 ft.) away from the house

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