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Mains-on-tap® – Plug & Play installation. So that your rainwater harvesting system never runs out of water.

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  • Excellent value for money
  • Low mains water consumption
  • Quick refill (up to 12 l/min)
  • Extremely small housing – only 218 x 277 x 95 mm (w x h x d)
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Incorporates AB Air Gap
  • Solar capable using 12-volt technology

How does Mains-on-tap® work?

  1. Permanent monitoring of your rainwater tank level
  2. Upon reaching a critical fill level, the rainwater tank is topped up with a small quantity of mains water

Mains-on-tap® – Plug & Play installation

No calibration required

Level measurement is immediately ready for operation once assembled.

Tool-free plug connections

All of the connecting cables for Mains-on-tap® feature plug connections that can be assembled and disassembled without the need for tools.


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