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Flexible tank agriculture

Flexible tanks for storing agricultural waste water and liquid fertilisers

The waste water quantities generated by agricultural processes pose a great challenge. Here, the flexible tanks from GRAF present an ideal alternative to conventional tanks for dairy, wine making, and stock breeding waste water; waste water contaminated with nitrates; liquid manure; drainage; and many other applications. Made of plastomer lined fabric, these flexible tanks are ideal for the storage of liquid fertilisers containing nitrogen and sulphur.

Scope of supply - Standard agriculture set:

  • Central ventilation DN 50 – 100 % stainless steel
  • Filling/emptying: Stainless steel connection fitting on the side with screwed flange Stainless steel valve DN 50 – 2“ thread
  • Screwed-on polypropylene corner reinforcements
  • Service set: 1 x PVC (identical to tank material), 1 x tube of special PVC adhesive, 1 1 x servicing instructions



25 m³

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50 m³

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110 m³

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150 m³

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