Otto Graf GmbH
Plastic Products
Tel. +49 7641 589-0
Fax +49 7641 589-50
Carl-Zeiss-Straße 2-6
DE-79331 Teningen, Germany

DIBt approval, CE-Declaration of conformity and performance of our products

BBA Certificate 5200 EcoBloc Inspect flex download
BBA Certificate 5200 Infiltration tunnel system download
BBA Certificate 5200 EcoBloc maxx download
stability Carat S download
stability Cristall download
stability watertightness Carat XL download
watertightness Carat S download
watertightness Cristall download
Pit-test Carat S download
Declaration of performance Klaro E Professional download
Declaration of performance one2clean one2clean plus download
CE one2clean download
Performance results one2clean one2clean plus download
Performance results Klaro E Prosfessional download
Performance results Anaerobix download
CE one2clean plus download

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